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An ecosystem is the combined group of living things, The physical factors of the environment where they Live, and the biotic and abiotic relationships between Them.

-The components of an ecosystem are: 

– A population is a group of organisms of the same species That live in the same territory and can reproduce together. 

Biocoenosis: the communities that form the ecosystem. 

-A communityis the group of populations that live in the same Area and have relationships between each other.

 – The habitat is the place where a species lives. 

– The biotope: the physical environment in which all living Things live. It also consists of the relationships between the Abiotic factors

 – Theecological niche is the role a species plays in an Ecosystem.

An ecotone is the transitional area between two Communities in a particular ecosystem, where two Communities meet and integrate. In most ecotones There is a transition area between both communities. Ecotones are considered to be rich areas, as there is More biodiversity in them than in areas around them.

Osmosis: this is a special type of diffusion in which water Passes from the more diluted (less concentrated) solution To the more concentrated solution through a permeable Membrane.

Adaptations to Cold in animals

-Many Antarctic animals have Either a windproof or waterproof coat (emperor penguins)

-Whales, seals and some Penguins have thick fat layers. These fat layers act like insulation, trapping Body heat in.

-A round body with a small Surface area to volume ratio, to minimize heat loss.

-Small ‘extremities’ which Means less blood is required to these areas, thus less heat is lost.

-When an animal hibernates, Its body temperature drops and all metabolic functions slow way down.

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