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Theability to respond to stimuli,whether internal or coming from the environment.

The ability to reproduce. reproduction The ability to grow and develop. Growth. The ability to obtain matter from the environment and use energy. nutrition.

 two forms of nutrition:Animals are heterotrophic and plants are autotrophic. Reproduction:all living organisms are produced by the reproduction of other living organisms. Sexual reproduction asexual reproduction.

nutrition:  are the substances an organisms needs to be able to maintain life. Organic nutrients:carbohydrates,fats,proteins.Inorganic nutrients: water, mineral salts. Excretion is the process by which living organisms get rid of waste substances.

any change in the environment that causes a change in the activity of an organisms is called a stimulus. The reaction of an organisms t a stimulus is called response. The ability of living organisms to keep their internal conditions stable regardlees of the external conditions is called homeostasis. The response of living organisms: living organisms need to maintain their internal conditions stable in order to sustain life.

photosynthesiscellular respiration
WHERE?some plants and algae cellsall eukaryotic cells
reactantsoxygen and glucoseCo2 h2o
productsglucose+ atp+ 02Co2+atp+ h2o
uses energyyesno
produces energy for cellsnono
who carries it out?chloroplast.mitochondrion

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