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T     1.  A substance is matter that is always made up of The same combination of atoms.

F     2.  A mixture is matter that is made up of atoms of Two or more elements
Chemically bonded together.

F     3.  In a homogeneous mixture, substances are not Evenly mixed.

T     4.  In a mixture, the components keep their own Properties.

5.         In which way do mixtures differ from compounds?

C.  A mixture requires a physical change; a compound Requires a chemical one.

6.         Another name for a homogeneous mixture is

B.  A solution.

7.         A compound is the chemical bonding of

A.  Two or more elements.

8.         Which item is a mixture?

A.  air

9.         A sample of matter that contains only one kind of atom Would be classified as

A.  An element.

10.       A substance is matter that is made up of

D.  The same combination of atoms all the time.

11. A mixture results From a                       PHYSICAL      Change, and a compound results
From a  CHEMICAL one.

12. A COMPUNDS is matter That is made up of atoms of two or more
Elements that are chemically bonded together.

13. A homogeneous mixture is another name for a SOLUTION.

14. A HETEROGENEOUS  mixture is one in which substances are not Evenly mixed.

15. Which type of solute is least likely To dissolve in water?

C.  nonpolar

16.       Which Action will make a solid solute dissolve more slowly in a liquid solvent?

B.  decreasing The solvent’s temperature

17.       For Which solution would mass per volume be used to describe concentration?

A.  salt In water

18. The substance that exists in the greatest quantity in A solution is

19. A POLAR MOLECULES has a slightly negative end and a slightly positive End.

20. A Solution’s CONCENTRATION tells how much solute is in it.

21. A solute’s SOLUBITY is the maximum amount that Can dissolve in a
Given amount of solvent at a given temperature and pressure.

            22.     Which characteristic Of water molecules best explains why most water on Earth
Contains dissolved solvents?

C.  structure

            23.     Pressure Is a factor that would affect the solubility of

C.  Carbon Dioxide gas in soda.

            24.     For which solution Would percent by volume be used to describe

C.  sugar In soda


25. What Will happen to the solubility of KCl if the temperature decreases?

SULUBILTY WITH DECREASE                                                                                                      

26. What Will happen to the solubility of Ce2(SO4)3 if The temperature increases?

STAY THE SAME OR DECREASE                                                                                                  

            27.  Is used to test the pH level in a solution.

C.  An Indicator

            28.     How Could a person increase the concentration of a solution?

A.  by Adding more solute to the solution

29.Which formula can be used to calculate   concentration?


            30.     A glass of lemonade Contains 90 percent water, 7 percent lemon juice, and
3 percent sugar. Which substance is the solvent in this solution?

A.  water

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