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Amino acid: a naturally occurring chemical substance that combines with other amino acid to make proteins 
Catalyst: A substance that enables a chemical reaction to happen more quickly or with less energy 
Chemical reaction: a process in which one set of chemical substances changes into another 
Combustion: a chemical reaction in which substances combine rapidly with oxygen to produce light and heat
Reactant: a substance that reacts with another during a chemical reaction
Reaction rate: The speed at which a chemical reaction takes place
Reversible: able to be changed back to an original state
Enzyme: A chemical susbtance produced by a living thing that catalyzes a biochemical reaction 
Pollutant: a substance introduced into the enviroment that has harmful effects, contaminant 
Catalytic converter: a part of an automobile exhaust system that removes harmful chemicals
What does the collision theory state: States than when molecules collide only some collision are succesful and a result in a chemical change 
Electrolysis: A chemical change produced by passing an electric current through a solution
Examples of enzymes and their functions: In green plants it is increase the rate of photosynthesis and amylase that help as to digestion fats

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