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 -Anion: any atom or group of atoms that has a negative charge.

 -Cation: any atom or group of atoms that has a positive charge.
 -Base: an ionic compound that produces hydroxide ions when dissolved       in water.
 -Ionic compounds: compounds composed of metal cations and                  nonmetal anions.
 -Binary compounds: composed of two elements and can be either ionic     or molecular.
 -Monoatomic ion: an ion consisting of a single atom with a positive or         negative charge.
 -Polyatomic ion: a tightly bound group of atoms that behaves as a unit      and carries a charge.
 -Acids: compunds that contain one or more hydrogen atoms and                produce hydrogen ions in solution.
 -Law of definite proportions: In samples of any chemical compound,        the masses of the elements are always in the same proportions.

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