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Question 1:

a.False. “Society Has taught us two crucial- and contradictory – codes to live by: ‘Never judge a Book by its cover’ and ‘first impressions last a lifetime.’ Yet new research Shows that first impressions may be misleading.”

b.False. « He took photos of 100 students at the University of St. Andrews, Ensuring that they were standardised by only picking those who wore no Jewellery, wore neutral expressions and were Caucasian. »

c.True. «We Automatically assume that attractive people are more intelligent »

d.False. « The implications of this study are quite severe when real world Situations are taken into account. »

Question 2 :

a.Dr. Talamas chose 100 photographs of university students. He made sure they were White, had no accesories and showed no special feelings.

b.First Impressions influence the way we react towards other people not only in our Personal relationships in the family but also in public life.

Question 3 :





e.Taken into account / to take into account.

Question 4:

a.We have been taught two crucial codes to live by society.

b.He said that The power of first impressions was critical and had been shown to influence our Opinion.

c.If noah had Made a good impression on the employer,  He would have got the job.

Redacción : Making a good First impression results really important for people nowadays: for a job Interview, when you date someone...

However, most of the times, the first impression someone have from the other Ones is absolutely wrong because well-knowing someone may take you a long time.
Sometimes, people just see the other people very first impression, fact that Affects wrongly in their perception of the real one impression. Those Impressions are mostly based on their physical look, the way of dressing, their Way of talking, their gestures...
For making a nice impression you have to be natural, honest and loyal; and Probably using a right way when talking.
In conclusion, we can't rely on the first impressions, because they may be Artificial and misleading. Overall we have to be ourselves and being always With a smile in the face.

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