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1 (1)needn't...Get up early.(2)shouldn't work sohard(3)should help Tim.(4)don't have to buy tennis balls.(5)mustn't be late for work.  

2. (1) The children ---  be at home.(2) David must live abroad.
(3) Penny mustn't have much money. (4) It can't be possible that the car belongs to Yvonne. (5) Fiona might win the competition.
3.(1) --- She must have missed the bus. (2) must have passed the exams. She looks happy. (3) He shouldn't have stolen the sweets.
(4)She can't have been a good cyclist. She fell off her bike.
(5) --- have eaten all the food. Now all the gone.
4. (1). The show might start... (2) Karen can't have as many Cd'S as you think. (3) You mustn't touch the animals. (4) Sue has to work an extra hour. 5. (1)--- (2) original... blond (3) unpleasant.. piercing. (4)--- (5) relaxing... soothing. 6.(1) bad tempered. He's always shouting. (2)It was a loud high 
peached.  (3)--- (4)big headed.  
7. (1) the mointain was very      challenging  (2)--- (3) I felt worried (4) What a defening.
READING. Paragraph A audience. Paragraph B  others...Staud out.  paragraph B --- paragraph B slim... Slum. Paragraph D--- 

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