I choose to live

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print it out-imprimir
charge up-cargar
plug in-enchufar
turn up-subir v
turn down-bajar v
switch on-encender
switch off-apagar
On my holidays for carnival
I will travel to the blanket
with my family
i won't travel with my dog
because he won't be able
eat so much
they´re going to visit their
uncle in salinas
salinas is going to be the
first city to enjoy the surf
And I would like to be
there to enjoy it to
the fullest
there probably wont
had enough money
Prst contin
i´m studying-working
Simp present
the restaurant opens at
4 pm-starts-leaves
be + going to+verb
i´m going to study eng
next month
will- i will marry you
dog will invade earth
I think for marriage you
have to think twice
I will probably get
married someday
but for now, i'm going to
studying for get married after
but i will definitely the
ceremony will be on the beach
And with my wife we will choose
 where the honeymoon

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