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3-India is poorer than Germany

4-He told them that he didn’t know.

5-If she wasn’t so busy, she could come to the party.

6-Your friend might call you on your birthday.

7-Could you tell me where is the nearest cinema, please?

32-We will have the news told tomorrow night.

- The news will have told to us tomorrow night.

33-If I earned much money, I could buy a new car.

/s/ Risks, Coats, Claps /Z/ Demands,listens,radios,chairs

/IZ/ Dresses, cries , washes

/t/ Kissed, talked, increased, camped /d/carried,improved

loved. /id/ painted, visited, demanded

/  /Cheese /  / Bill /   /Up /  /far /  /Cat /  /door / /up

/  / full / / choose / /bed /  /bird

/  /The /  /Theathre /  /Ship /  /Chair /  /Monk / /Judge

/  /Measure /  /hello /  /water /  /You

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