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20 vowel phoneme: 12 pure, 8 dipthongs

l i :ee,ea,e,ie,ei,i,ae: feet, read, me, piece,recieve, police, anemia,key

s i : i, y, e, ee, a, ie,u, ui, ea ,ai: skill, pity, pretty, coffee, orange, movie,busy, guilty, ginea, captain, women

s e: e, ea, a ,eo, ue: bed, bread, many, leopard, guess, friend, said

ae: a, i2, ai: cat, meringue, plaid, have

l a : a, ar, au, oi, al, ah, er: castle, far, aunt, reservoir, half, hurrah, derby, heart, guard,are, bazaar

s : o, a, ou, au, one: stop, want, cough, sausage, gone, knoledge, bureaucracy

l : or, ou, au, al, all, alk, aw, wa, oo, fork, course,sauce, also, talk,law, war, door, sean

s : u, oo, oul, o: bull, book, could, wolf

l u : oo, o, ew, u, ue, ou, ui, oe: moon, do, chew, june,blue, soup,fruit, shoe, two

s : u, o, ou, oo: duck, mother, country, blood, does

l : er, ir, ur, wor, our, eu: person, bird, nurse, learn, word, journey, milieu, colonel

s : a, e, i, o, u, ar, er, or,ou, ate, ough: machine, violet, possible, polite, autumn, collar, father, doctor, colour, intimate, borough

D ei: a, ai, ay, ea, ei, ey: make, train, play, break, eight, grey, gauge

D ai: i, igh, ight, y, ie, ei, uy,ye: five, high, light, dry, pie, height, buy, eye

D : oi, yo: oil, point, boy

D : o, oa, ou, ow,oe: old, soap, soul, know, toe, sew

D : ow, ou, ough: now, round, bough

D : ear, eer, ere, ier, ia, ea, eir: dear, beer, here,pier, pianist, idea, weir

D : ai, are, ear, ere,eir: chair, care, bear, there, heir, mayor

D : oor, our, ur, ure, eu: poor, tour, jury, sure, europe, valuer

T : ire, ie, ighe, yre, ia, io yer: tired, quiet, higher, tyre, liar, ion,dyer

T : our, ower: flour, flower

T : oya, oyer: royal, employer, joyous

T : ayer: player, mayonnaise

T : ower: slower

24 cons: 21 puras, 3 semi-vowel

maner of articulation: plosive(ptkbdg), fricative(fvszh ), affricate(tf,dg), nasal(mnn), lateral(l), approximant (rjw)

point of articulation: bilabial (pbmw) labiodental (fv) dental( ) alveolar (tdnlsz)post alveolar (r) palato alveolar (tf, dg, ) palatal (j) velar (kgn) glottal (h)

voiving: voiceles (ptkfsh tf ) voiced: bdgvzmnnlwrj

activity of nasal cacity: oral, nasal mnn

n as ñ- r r- R r- x j

plosive: closed, compressed in the mouth, noise plosion

P : p: pen, open, lip/ pp: apple/

B: b: bat, about, crab/ bb: rubber, ebb

T: t: ten, moto, boat/ tt: attack, butt/ d(ed): faced/ ght: figter, night/ yacht

D: d: day, under, end/ dd: ladder, add/ ld: could

K:c: cold,local,epic/ cc:account/ k: king, poker, park/ ck: neck, rocket/ qu: quite, inquire,cheque/ ch: chrome, archaic,ache/ lk: walker, talk/ celt

G: g: go, regret, bag/ gg: dagger, egg/ gh: ghost

Affreicate: means to rub, are complex made of 2 parts, plosives and end fricatives

TF: ch: church,teacher, march/ tch: kitchen, dutch/ tu: nature/ c: cello/ cz: czech/ sti: question

DG: j: join/ ge: gentle, danger,village/ dge: judge/ gi: gin/ soldier

Fricative:friction, continuant consonant

F: f: far, prefer, life/ ff:offer, staff/ ph: photo, cipher, ralph/ gh: laughter, tough/ lf: halfway, half

V: v: very, navy, live/ vv: navvy/ ph o f: stephen, of

O: th: three, author, bath

O: th: that, gather, bathe

S: s: summer, ask, house/ ss: essay, pass/ sc: scissors/ c: city, acid, rice/ ps: psycho/st:listen /sch:schism

pronunciation s,z: lexical vb, 3 ps in spr- inflected person. -s morpheme vaies, regular plural forms

___: sh: sheep, fisher, push/ch: chef, machine, douche/ s: sugar/ss: russia/ sch: schist/ ti: nation/ si: asia/ ce: ocean/ ci: special

__: su: usual/ si: vision/ ge: beige/ equation

H: h: hall, rehab/ wh: who

respiration, afer a long run. Ending (tion, tian, tial f) ending (sian, sion, sure, sual g)

Nasal: nose, continuants

M: m: man, woman, ham/ mm: summer/ lm: palmy/mn: autumn/ mb:bomber, bomb

N: n: nose, any, man/ nn: dinner, lynn/ kn: knee/ gn: gnu, reign

N: ng: singer, song/ nk: ink/ nx: lynx/ nc: santion/ nch: bronchial

Lateral: continuant, along the sides, with 2 allophonic variants, pronun systematically, the adjacent sounds. Dark l at the end or before cons bell, clear l at the begin or bef vowel lips

L:l: leg, clear, owl/ ll:lloyd, silly,bill


rather sound like vowels, never appear in final position, non rhotic, r at the begin or between 2 v. J w they behave phonetically as vowels though phonologically

R: r: red, very/rr: marry/ wr: write/ rh: rhithm

W:w: well, reward/ wh: what, nowhere/ o: one/ u: queen

J: y: yes/u: use, duty/ ew: ewe, new/ eu: europe, queue/ eau: beauty/ i: onion

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