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1-Javier Who disapproves paparazzi is a good journalist.

2-Madrid, Which is my favourite city is the city where I live.


1-I Promised my mom to pass my final exams the following Saturday.

2-Mary said That they had heard that urban myth before.

3-The teacher told her to stand up!

4-The Teacher wanted to know if we had ever read a book in English.

5-My dad Asked me wher I had left my Keys


1-“Let´s go To the cinema” He said

2”Where Have you been all these years?” He asked me

3-“Speak English during English lessons” The teacher told us

4-Have you Been away for the weekend” He wanted to Know

5-The Teacher told us not to interrupt when he was speaking.


1-Scored 2-Earns 3-favour of 4-at random 5-take up

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