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can, can´t present: i can´meet friends until I finist my project, i can play with you.
could, couldn´t past: we could late this weekend, we couldn't late this weekend.
Be allowed to: permitir
present: no one is allowed to be late
past: i was allowed to take extra lessons
future: next year, I´ll be allowed to join the cirque on tour
you won't be allowed to come back.
Used to: solía ser
used to live in santiago.
didn´t use to live in santiago
Did you live in santiago?, yes i did, no i didn´t.
meet new people: conocer nueva gente
rent a bike: rentar una bicicleta
take a tour: tomar un tur
eat out: comer afuera
go sightseeing: hacer turismo
visit a museum: visitar un museo
make pictures: hacer una pintura/dibujo
go hiking: practicar senderismo
sunbathe: tomar sol
buy souvenirs: comprar recuerdos

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