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Acid: Proton donor. Produces Hydronium ions
  - Taste sour, tart, sharp & conduct electricity
  - Stringing sensation & react with metals 
  - Changes litmus paper blue to red
Base: Proton acceptor. Produces Hydroxide ions(OH)
  - Bitter taste & slippery feel
  - Dissolves in water & neutralize acid
  - Changes litmus paper red to blue
Conjugated acid: gain a proton.  
Conjugated base: loses a proton
Neutralization: acid & base react to produce salt & water
Strong electrolytes: strong acid, base 7 soluble salts
pH 7: Neutral      pH 8-14: base   pH 0-6: acid
Acid & neutral solution: colorless 
Basic solution: pink
Red litmus (acid):  in acid (red), in neutral (red), in basic (blue)
Blue litmus (acid): in acid (red), in neutral (blue), in basic (blue)
Conjugated acid (reactant) & conjugated base (product)

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