Characteristics of mesopotamian architecture

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Mesopotamian ARCHITECTURE is characterised by the use of:  Bricks: pieces of clay baked in an oven. Glazed ceramics or tiles were used to decorate the brick walls.  Semicircular arches: a semicircular structure with a supporting point at each end.  Vaults: roofs in the form of an arch (formed by several arches).  The ZIGGURAT was the main sacred building. These buildings were composed of several levels of brick terraces in the form of a step pyramid. The sanctuary was situated in the highest terrace and contained the statue of a god or goddess.  The most important civil building (non-religious) was the palace, the residence of the kings and their attendantsESOPOTAMIAN SCULPTURE. Types: 1. Reliefs: sculptures which protrude from a surface (walls, doors). 2. Steles: commemorative reliefs on vertical stone. 3. Freestanding sculptures: not part of another surface. These usually represented gods or governors in prayer or contemplation.

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