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1.1.Penici was discovered by A.F 2. Will be announced tomorrow by
3 being examined at the moment 4. Forced to redesign the pro 5 going to be designed by jasmine 6. I haven’t been given the news yet.
2.1. It is estimated 2. Is now thought to be 3. To have the house painted 4. Were meant to announce 5. Be thought 6. Haven’t had the washing machine repaired
3.1. GP. Is said to speak good Spanish 2. This jewelry is thought to have been belonged to an old Roman lady 3. The ter. Are suspected to belong to an organised group 4. Children are believed to learn through imitation 5. She is believed to have done it while her husband was sleeping 
4.1. It is estimated that they will finish the prototype in 2 month 2. NT. Is thought to have been one of the greatest inventors in history 3. I’m going to have the house painted next week 4.They were went to announce the mention yesterday 5. It used to be thought that the earth was 6. No, I haven’t had the washing machine repaired.
5.REPORT SP. 1. My mother said if I would do the wa 2. They told him to tidy up his room 3. The teacher said if James could please 4. He advised her not to watch tv if she had a headache 

2 would+inf + PAST SIMPLE  3 WOULD HAVE +PP   +PAST PERFECT (had + pp)

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