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1. Atom- molecule- organelle- cell structure- tissues- organ- system

Inorganic- Water chemical reactions take place. Minerals regulate cell functions.

Organic- Carbohydrates energy. Proteins catalyze chemical reactions. Nucleic acids DNA. Lipids structural role, energy and regulate proceses.

2.Cell Discovery 1655 Robert hook. 1838 Cell Theory Schleiden + Schwann. Cell theory states that cells are the structural, functional and reproductive units of living beings.

Prokaryotic- Bacteria.   Eukaryotic- Animal, Plant.  

Endosymbiotic model. 1- Aerobic bacteria- Mitochondria.   2- Photosynthetic bacteria- chloroplast. (2n) Diploid= 46 chr. (n) haploid= 23 chr 

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