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have made would habe been made. Infinitive presente tomake to be madeParticipio perfecto having made having been made. Reported speech: cuando el vervo intrductor del estilo indirecto esta en presente , preterito perfecto o futuro, los tiempos verbales no cambian. Direct speech -presente simple- indirect speech past simple.presente continuo-past continuos. Presente perfecto-past perfect. Presente perfecto continuo- past perfect continuous. Past simple- past perfect. Past continuos-past perfec continuos. Future will conditional would. Can-could. May-might. Will-would. Must-had to. Have to-had to. Shall-should. significado Dizzy mareado feverish fiebre queasysentirse mal rasherpucion cutanea runnyagua en la nari seedy enfermo soreinflamado swollenhinchado bruisecontusion blisterampolla gashroja grazeroce scoldquemarse scratcharañazo spraintorcerse developdesarrollar stuffyhabitacion mal ventilada listers bandage scissors tijeras para cortar vendajes forceps dissecting forcepspinzas michel`s clip removing forcepsquita grapas suture scissorstijeras de sutura scalpelbisturi blades hoja de bisturi cardiac monitor monitor cardiaco desfibrillator desfibrilador bags of bloodbolsas de sangre drug boxcaja de medicina stretchercamilla significado en ingles Dressing trolley(mesa aunxiliar)-it has 2 shelves.The sterile equipment is put on the top shelf and the unsterile eqipment is put on the botton shelf Gallipot(contenedor d medicinas)-it is a small pot used for medicine Bowl (cuenco)-it is open top vessel Tray (bandeja)-flat metal for carrying equipment Kidney dish(batea)-kidney-shaped bowl used in medical and surgical wards to rceivemedical waste Artery forceps(coger)-they are normally used to stop bleeding Bedopread (colcha)-this covers the bed to keep off the denor.Pillow (almohada)-to rest their head on Bedpan(cuña)-a patient confined to bed will have to use this to urinate and defecate.Call button (timbre)-patients use this when they need to call a nurseName band (pulsera iden)-for identification Trolley(camilla)-a narrow bed for transporting patientsBasin(lavabo)-wash your hands here

Hoist (montacargas)-a mechamical device for lifting and moving patientsTray(bandeja)-meals are brought to the bed on thisBlanket(manta)-these keep the patient warm. Urine bottle-male patients confined to the bed use this to urinateMonkey pole (soporte)-suspended above the bed, this can be used by the patient to pull herself up Mattress (colchon)-patients lie on it is sometimes hard and sometimes solf Drip stand (percha de suero)- intranenous fluid bags are suspended on this Wheelchair (silla de ruedas)-patients who can sit up comfortably can be transported in one of thisCrutch(muletas)- A patient with a broken leg will need 2 of this Oxigen point-a mask and tube from this will supply oxygen to the patient Observation chart (historia clinica)-the patients condition is recorded here. Otros A tube of ointment /a jar of cream /a bottle of solution /a box os plasters /a vial of glucagen inj /an ampoule ofvaccione /a tin of lozenges /a roll of tape / a soup dispenser /a bag of cotton wool

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