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Azure Service: Azure Application Gateway & Feature: Web Application Firewall | Size recommended workloads azure: None | Recommend Fabrikam permissions to Application1: AzureAd, access review of Application1 | Solution C# response Event Grid: AzFunctions in consumption plan | Solution host App1 in Azure: load balancer and vm scale set two zones | Solution: deploy VM scale set: NO | Recommend manage HPC cluster node: CycleCloud | Solution: Traffic Analytics in Network Watcher: NO | Solution: Network Watcher to run IP flow: YES | Recommend  XML messages: Service Bus | Storage Tier: Premium & Redundancy: ZRS | Routing method: Traffic Manager & Routing config: Priority traffic routing | Store copy company files from Server1 to Store1: Import/Export job & Data Factory | Recommend host Service1 in Azure: VM Scale Set | CS3 Contoso: Recommend deploy each availability zone contains App1: Cosmos DB | CS3 Contoso: Azure Subscription: Azure Files & On-premises network: File Sync | Recommend db for the application: SQL DB with active Geo-replication |  Service: SQL DB & Service tier: Hyperscale | CS2 Fabrikam: include in id management strategy: Domain Controllers for corp.Fabrikam.Com | Design deployment with ARM using KV: Access Policies access to ARM & Assign IT staff | Recommend serverless solution: Logic Apps and Functions | CS1 Liteware: Minimum number assignments: 1 | CS1 Liteware: Storage Account type: general-purpose v2 & Configuration: NFSv3  | Storage Account type: BlockBlobStorage & Storage type: Blob | Solution allows app to store data closest to the user: CDN | CS3 Contoso: Authenticate App1 using: A service principal & Authorize App1 Key Vault secrets: role assignment | Recommend membership Group1: Access review | Events for Windows event logs: Event & Events from Linux system logging: Syslog | How many instances of KV: 1 | Recommend database requirements: config long-term retention policy | Solution deploy two VM and Traffic Manager: YES | VM backed up for: 36 months & RPO is: 1 day | Recommend App1 function after migration: Azure AD DS| 3 scopes policy definitions: Azure AD units & Subscriptions & Management Groups | Recommend service to host DB: Az SQL Managed Instance | Recommend DB platform to host DB: Elastic pool | Storage large video files minimize costs: Blob Storage | Create Express Route to VW1: Upgrade VW1 | Recommend azure services support deployment: Azure AD DS | Migrate data to Az SQL DB minimize cost: DTU-based Standard | Databrick SKU: Standard & Cluster config: Credential | Recommend monthly report of ARM deploy: Activity Log | Recommend access shared files VM1 Toronto: file share & file sync | CS3 Contoso: Service: PIM & Feature: Access reviews | Data Factory transform data files: self-hosted | Recommend enable access blobs April: SAS | API available over internet: YES & APIM real-time data: YES & VPN gateway access: NO | Provide remote users SSO WebApp1: AD app proxy & Access policies | Design expose microservices: APIM premium with VNet

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