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Biomechanics: Application of mechanical principles in the study of living organisms. Kinematics: appearance or description of motion, linear kinetics, angular kinematics. Kinetics: Forces that cause motion, linear kinetics, angular kinetics. Statics: mechanics of objects moving at constant velocity. Dynamics: mechanics of objects in accelerated motion(changing) Qualitative: non numeric description based on observ Quantative: numeric description based on data collected

Force: A push or pull applied, Effect that one body has on another, is a vector quantity wit magnitude and direction, and point of application. Produces motion Internal force:act within the object hold together when acted by external forces. External force: Act on an object as a result of interaction with environment contact forces. Contact: ground reac, joint, friction, fluid res, interial, muscle, elastic Noncontact: gravity, magnetic, electrical Colinear: force with same line of action tip tail Concurrent: dont act on same line but through same point Net force: single resultant force from the vector composition of all acting force Friction: force acting at interface of suraces in contact, seen in articular cartilage, and arm joint

Linear Kinematics

Linear motion: translation box being pushed General mo: combo of translation& rotation motion in sports Vector: displacement, velocity, accleration scalar:amount of magnitude, distance, time displacement: =pf-pi vector quan, straight line distance in a specific direction Velocity: S=D/T Acceleration: rate of change in velocity A=VF-VI/T Average Acc: Value over internal or time Instantaneous Acc: value at a given moment in time, represent max values. Projectile: object in free fall that is affected by gravity common features are its trajection, release, and apex Factors infl vertical displace: height of release, angle of release, velocity Horizontal dis: time in air, velocity

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