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(M02)Lunar embasy 1a)F. But...a rocket b)So far...apiece 3a)views b)roaring c)prohibited d)grateful 4a)have bought/but b)signed/with Smile you are camera(M03) 1a)T.And as...growing b)F.If the program...department 3a)implement b)radio c)high d)argue 4a)were/that b)had/what A relative difference (M04) 1a) F."This similarity...chimpanzees"b)F."development and...that now" 3a)link b)skull c)leap forward d)seemingly 4a)If you don´t ask him a question,he won´t speak to you. I´m working from home(M05)1a)F"For the Spanish...reason b)T"Overall, do" 3a)choosing b)survey c)opportunity d)switch 4a)have worked/per b)to get/to. Should the State tell...drink?(M06) 1a)F"We eat on...else"b)F"A sociologist...dining table" 3a)enquiry b)almost c)entire d)nasty 4a)eating/for b)ate/loaves. Where Does Dracula Come From?(M07)1a)T"Stoker London b)F"When his ship...huge dog" 3a)imposing b)engaged c)appears d)habit 4a)Although/than b)had been/what The Travel of marco polo(M08) 1a)F"The travels 1928"b)F" But much of...and geographers" 3a)account b)grim c)alien d)prevalent 4a)who/was b)was governed/ruled Do you sleep enough?(M09) 1a)F"A good night´s sleep...adulthood" b)F"The youngsters´ mothers...daytime sleepiness 3a)tackle b)sleeplessness c)amount d)critical 4a)often/at b)who/that. Rhinoceros lake(S00) 1a)F"A good of it b)T"Excitedly,they...water" 3a)misconceptions b)instance c)rope d)learned 4a)with/the b)can/from Burglars move in for the weekend(S01)1a)F"She had london b)T"Mrs.Cox 1984" 3a)making off b)haul c)locked d)cared 4a)that/was told b)will visit/about Pointing the finger(J02) 1a)F"A report...index fingers"b)F"Early symptoms...18 months"3a)cerases b)the gaze c)ratio d)average 4a)are fixed/to be governed b)altough/toBeauty Over youth(S02)1a)F"They showed..attractive b)T"When..chose her".3a)countless b)primarily !d)bequeath

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