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33. wher zygomaticus minor muscle inserted - frm anterior portion zygomatic bne to upper lip. 34.wt prt of oral mucosa is innervated by buccal nerve - post & inferior portion of vestibule, buccal side of gums of permolar and molars, skin of cheek. 35. wt are terminal branches of infraorbital nerve - palpebral, nasal, labial. 36. wt nerve contrls tensor tympani muscle - medial pterygoid muscle nerve of trigeminal. 37. Cerebellar peduncles connect cerebellum with - brainstem 38. wt muscle inserted on medial side of coronoid process - temporalis. 39. wt 2 main nerves in sublingual region - lingual &hypoglossal nerve. 40. wt 3 arteries arise frm anterior aspect of external carotid artery - sup thyroid,lingual, facial. 41. wts da exit of mastoid segment ov facial canal - stylomastoid foramen. 42. wt muscle inserted on maxillary tuberosity - superficial head of med. Pterygoid muscle. 43. wt cutaneous nerve provides sensory innervation 2 skin of anterior cervical triangle - transverse cervical nerve. 44.wt artery crosses intermuscular space ov buccal region - facial artery 45. which prt of zygomatic arch is inserted the deep portion ov masseter muscle - medial side. 46. wt structures does transverse facial artery supply - parotid gland & duct & masseter mscle. 47. wt lingual muscle is inserted in the temporal bone - styloglossus. 48. wt muscle is inserted into masseteric fascia - rissorius 50. which portion ov nasal cavity contains olfactory cells - cribriform plate, upper portion. 51. the infratrochlear nerve is branch of - nasociliary nerve which part of the pharynx is located the entrance of the auditory tube - nasopharynx lateral wall. 53. wt 2 arteries supply lateral wall of maxillry sinus - infraorbital & post.Sup.Alveolar. 54.wt kind of tissue forms the arachnoid - non vascularized connective tissue. 55. wt muscles r forming floor of digastric/submandibular triangle 56. wt anatomical space contains submental artery - prestyloid 57. wt part of ethmoid bone articulates with maxillary hiatus - unicate process. 58. wt nerves are formin ansa cervicalis - spinal nerve c1-c3 & hypoglossal nerve. 59. wt kind of ossification pattern follows formation of maxillary bone - intramembranous 60- wt nerve innervate skin of epicranium - supraorbital nerve

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