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2. VOCABULARY. A selection of keywords.

Cortes or Parliament (Parlamento)

Representative assembly, Consisting of members of the nobility, clergy and inhabitants of the cities, Summoned by a king who would ask them for taxes and recruitment of troops.

Guild (Gremio)

Medieval association of Craftworkers with the same skill or trade, which controlled the manufacture and The sale of craft products.

Bourgeoisie (burguesía)

New social group that Emerged in medieval cities and consisted primarily of craftworkers and Merchants.

Gothic (Gótico)

Artistic architectural Style that spread throughout Western Europe between the 12th and the 15th Centuries.


code of law in which the King or a lord granted a city certain privileges such as exemption from taxes.

Mendicant order (orden mendicante)

Religious community that Relies on begging.

Crusade (cruzada)

a military expedition in Order to conquer the holy land.

The Inquisition (La Inquisición)

Church court or Ecclesiastical tribunal that punished people suspected of heresy.

The Taifas

In the year 1031, the Caliphate of Córdoba collapsed and it was divided into smaller kingdoms called Taifas.

Almoravids (Almorávides)

Berber nomadic tribe that Had formed a large empire in the North of Africa with their capital in Marrakech. They entered the Peninsula in 1086 and defeated the army of Alfonso VI of León in the Battle of Sagrajas. They imposed their rule over al-Andalus.

Almohads (Almohades)

Berber tribe from the North Of Africa that replaced the Almoravids after conquering Marrakech in 1147. They Defeated the army of Alfonso VIII of Castilla at Alarcos in 1195 but were later Defeated by the Christians in Navas de Tolosa in 1212.

The Kingdom of Castilla and León

Consolidated into a single Kingdom in 1230, when Ferdinand III definitively united both territories, until Them, had gone through a number of periods of union and separation.

Alfonso I Henriques

Monarch who gained the Independence of Portugal from León in 1143. He occupied Lisbon in 1147.

Military orders (órdenes militares)

Groups of warrior monks That worked in order to reconquer the territory occupied by Muslims.


Conquered territory Distributed proportionately according to participation in the conquest.

Honourable Council of Mesta (Consejo o Concejo de la Mesta)

Association formed in 1273 In order to defend the interests of livestock owners and specially the merino Sheep.

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