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P SYST of REST: Constitution 1876, Pacific alternation of power: Conservative party, Liberate Party( Sagasta, Old progressive party) Pucherazo: Method of manipulating the elections in which landlords exerted pressure on their tenants to vote for the party in question. INT PROB of REST:Excluded parties; workers's movement g strength after const, Anarchism g support among Catalan.. Socialists UGT1888.  ; Regionalism and Nationalists react against centralised policies of the rest ; Catalan, Basque and Galician Nationalists. SIST of ALT 1902-1917: Between C and L party. ;War with morroco. ;1909 Catalan reserve troops for war(Tragic weeek) ;1917 Sit deteriorated into a crisis( High pay for army); 1919-1923: Sit got worse; Battle of Annual; Primo de Rivera. REFORMIST PERIOD:  Coalition of republicans and socialist , implement reforms: n of army officers was reduced, Influence of church was restricted. CONSERVATIVE P: Elections won  CEDA,  coalition with radical de centro; Lerroux named president, extreme right ideas radicalized the situation; Suspended reforms of the`previous gov; October Rev 1934 ; Asturias ; Barcelona ;

1936 Elections win the left with a coalition (frente popular) POPULAR FRONT: New gov of Santiago Casares amnesty for political prisioners of the 1934 rev. Radicalization btwn right and left grew as a new political party of extrem right ideas ( Falange española); Political confrontations( street fights... Btwn Falang, Comm, Anarch) ; Coup d etat under the direction of G Mola prevent the implementation of the reforms projected by popular front and end the Rep.

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