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dear editor,

I am writing in response the article on changing diets in society and would like to share my views. Whilst some interesting issue are raised that will no doubt encourage enthusiastic debate, some of the points expressed are fundamentally flawed and somewhat exaggerated.

Having said that, I would be inclined to agree that a proportion of our society does, unfortunately, represent the caricature depicted in the article. Yes, there is an element of society that is dependent on pre-packaged microwave food to provide necessary sustenance in a quick and simple form; however, to assume that this means people do not prepare fresh food at all, or that fast food alone is to blame for an increase in illnesses, is quite frankly ludicrous. Many packaged foods in fact provide people with a more than adequate nutritional balance and actually save people money, whilst at the same time cutting down on waste. It is a well-known fact, which the article fails to acknowledge that frozen vegetables provide higher levels of vitamins than many fresh products due to the deterioration in levels of nutrients as the fresh product ages.
As far as people not being willing to prepare food is concerned, I am afraid i again have to take issue here. Yes I too am "guilty" for want of a better word, of opening packets of ready-made food but at the same time i frequently concoct my own dishes. The world is not black and white, and thus should not be viewed so one dimensionally.
To sum up,I, in common with many others, do not fall into the category of polar opposites suggested by the article. Whilst we may at times enjoy convenience, many of us equally derive great pleasure from our creativity in the kitchen. I look forward to following subsequent articles on related issues. 
Yours faithfully.

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