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Temperature and heat

What is temperature? A measurement of the average kinetic energy of the particles that make a system.

The particles of both objects will have the same average kinetic energy-thermal equilibrium. 

When the hot particles (very energetic) collide with the cold particles (low energy) energy is exchanged with time, this fenomenom makes systems reach thermal equilibrium.

What is heat? The energy exchanged between systems that have different temperature ( when they are interacting)

Evaporating: it is a change of state from liquid to gas but is this different to boiling.

Methods of transfer heat

Conduction: The particles which are directly he did gain energy and move more. Then they will collide with the particles nearby. Eventually all of the system will gain energy but not necessarily the same.

Convection: The heated particles tend to go up, then the colder particles go down and get heated. A convection current is created and the energy is distributed rapidly throughout the system. 

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