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2a. Both fight pathogens
sep:attacks all kinds of pathogens
bio: attacks a specific type of pathogens
baso:makes chemicals that cause inflamation in bloodstream
macro:engulfs dead or damaged body cells & some bacteria
T: destroy body cells that are infected with pathogens
eos: injects poisonous packets into parasites such as protozea
neu: engulfs pathogens & foreign invaders; phagocytes
B:produce proteins that inactivate pathogens that have not yet infected a body cell
WBC & certain organs - weaken pathogen cell membrane
B cells - destroy pathogens in one of 3 ways
body cells infected by a virus - stimulate an infected body cell to produce enzymes that will prevent viruses from entering & infecting them

1.Flu's mutate every year & they need matching antibodies.
2.A vaccine is a substance that contains the antigen of a pathogen. The antigen causes ur immune system to produce memory cells but you will not get sick because they are weakened. When you get vaccinated the virus is weakened but when you are infected by the virus the virus is still alive.
3.It activates and makes antibodies that fight the pathogens before you get sick.
1.Tcells and HIV (per mL of blood)
2.Number of T cells reduce from HIV over the years.
3.2nd and 3rd year
4.HIV kills Tcells & reproduces faster than Tcells.
5.AIDS is the final stage of the immune systems decline due to HIV.
6.Because HIV kills Tcells & weaken the immune system.
7.It's passed through mixture of blood and other body fluids.
8.A type of virus that uses RNA as its genetic material.
1.Because the bone marrow spends all of its time making WBC.
2.The antibiotics help control the viruses in HIV patients.
3.Leukemia is cancer of the bone marrow. It produces WBC that do not develop properly, It could be cured with a bone marrow transplant.

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