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NATIONALISM:a devotion to the interests and cultue of one's nation.

MILITARISM:the policy of building up armed forces in aggresive preparedness for war and their use as a tool of diplomacy.
ALLIES:the group of nations that originally consisted of great britain, france and russia that later joined italy, france, the us and more.
NO MAN'S LAND:an unoccupied region between opposing armies.
TRENCH WARFARE:military operations in which the oppsoing forces attack and counterattack from systems of fortified ditches rather than on an open battlefield
LUSITANIA:british passenger ship that was sunk by german submarine U-boat
CENTRAL POWERS:group of nations led by germany, austira hugary and ottoman empire, that opposed allies.
ZIMMERMAN NOTE:telegram from the german foreign minister to the german embassador in mexico, but it was intecepted by the birtish, in the telegram germany proposed an alliance between mexico and germany, germany promised that if war with the US happened they would support mexico recovering lost territoy in texas, new mexico and arizona.
SCHLIEFFEN PLAN:German war plan to fight a two front war
TRIPLE ENTENTE:britain, france and russia
TRIPLE ALLIANCE: austria-hungary, italy and germany

FRANZ FERDINAND VISITED SARAJEVO, a Serbian nationalist assassinated him and his wife while they were in Sarajevo, Bosnia. This was in protest to Austria-Hungary having control of this region.

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