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we have to fill the empty shelves
we have to keep count of the stock..
all the product have scan readers
i hope we dont run out of this supplies
Store staff make eaiser inventory cont
people saw the broadcast...
after sales-benefits
returned goals-service
error phone- task
supercheap- version
consumer good- industry
overstocking: when you have more products than what you can store
consolidator/integrator: transport company
supply chain: the stages we go through to provides
market place: location where we by and sell
price setting: when we decide the cost of something
to exchange: to trade something
supply: provided something for sale
e-commerce: buisness on internet
b2b: business to business
auction: when people offer money for a product
to bid: to offer 
efective: it works
policy: rules
to ensure: to garantize
information: data
toflow: to move whitout problems
telecomunication: to comunicate whit the help of technologie
landline: a phone with cables
overlead: overcapacity, an excess of
quote: cotizacion
inventory: stock
raw materials: something wich natures provides to us 
finish goods: end products
management: administration}
products: goods
freight industry: rail haulage/rail/shipp/air cargo

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