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Waves: Chapters 14 and 16

-Mechanical vs electromagnetic waves

mechanical waves= need air to hear needs a medium to travel

  • sounds, ocean waves, and springs

electromagnetic waves=  they don’t need a medium to travel

  • radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, X-rays, gamma ray



must travel through a medium

does not require medium

cannot travel through a vacuum

can be transferred through waves

-Transverse waves vs longitudinal waves

longitudinal waves - particles vibrate a long wave direction such as sound waves, springs, streams

transverse- particles that vibrate along the right angle of a wave direction. All electromagnetic waves and water

-Label a transverse wave and longitudinal waves

-The electromagnetic spectrum 

electromagnetic spectrum- all forms of light, it’s gamma rays

-Properties of the electromagnetic waves

- they travel at the speed of light

- they include ultraviolet waves

- they can transfer energy through empty space.

-Uses of the electromagnetic waves in our daily lives.

Examples of electromagnetic waves include radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, x-rays, and gamma rays.  Gamma rays can be used to kill living organisms, sterilize medical equipment, treat cancer, and take images using radioactive tracers

  • Fill in the blank:

When cars run, their tires and bodies are usually charged by frictionfor gasoline tanker, if the accumulated charge is large enough,sparks can be produced and the explosion will occur if gasoline vapor is ignited. Metal chains at the back of the tankers conduct the bodies of tankers to the ground to avoid the danger. The above process is known as earthing/grounding

  1. The maximum displacement of a wave from its equilibrium position describes the amplitude of the wave

  2. Electric current can be defined as the rate of flow of charge in a conductor

  3. Gamma radiation can pass through both electric and magnetic fields without any deflection because they have no charge

  4. During the process of nuclear fusion in the sun, isotopes of hydrogen combine to form helium atoms and release a huge amount of energy and a neutron.

the number 0.000345000 has 6 significant numbers

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