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-Organisms that obtain matter and energy in The same way are in the same trophic level.

-A food chain shows how the organisms in each trophic level feed on the one before and are food For the next one. A food chain is a linear Representation, in only one direction.

-The cycle of matter is closed: no matter is lost, and all matter is Recycled by the decomposers that feed on the organic remains left By all the other organisms. They play an important role in the cycle Of matter because they turn organic matter into inorganic matter That producers can use again.

-The energy is never Recycled or reusable. It flows in one Direction. The source Of energy comes From the Sun, then it Is transformed into Chemical energy by Photosynthetic Organisms, that is Then used by living Things to carry out Metabolic activities Such as growth, and Cellular respiration. All the energy is Eventually lost as Heat.

-The 10% Rulemeans that when energy is passed In an ecosystem from one trophic level to the next, Only ten percent of the energy will be passed on.

-An ecological pyramid is a graphical representation of the Relationship between different organisms in an ecosystem. Each of the bars that make up the pyramid represents a Different trophic level. Decomposers are not represented Because they feed from remains from every tropic level.

Types of pyramids:

-Pyramids of numbers show the number of organisms in Each trophic level without any consideration for their Size. 

-Pyramids of biomass indicate the total mass of organisms At each trophic level.

-The pyramid of productivity looks at the total amount of Energy present at each trophic level, as well as the loss of Energy between trophic levels

While a productivity pyramid always takes an upright Pyramid shape, number pyramids are sometimes inverted, Or don’t take the shape of an actual pyramid at all.

Law of tolerance: States that "for each abiotic factor, an organism has a range of tolerance within which it can survive".

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