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What is force?

A force is a push or pull that can change the shape of an object the way that it moves. It also changes Speed and direction. You can not see. When something is moving or speeding, the force is acting.

Force arrows:

You can draw an arrow, the length of it, shows the size of force and the direction shows where is coming from.


The gravitational force, is the force that attracts you to Earth. In the earth, the force of gravity in a object is called Weight.


It acts between objects that are charged. Rubbing plastics can charge them up with electricity.

Magnetic: The magnets attract materials such as iron, steel, or nickel.


When any object slides across a surface, the force of friction tries to stop it moving.

Air resistance:

Is the force that acts on the moving objects through the air.

Water: It acts with any object in the water.

Thrust: is the force that pushes vehicles such as planes, cars and motorcycles.

Measuring Forces:

You can measure the size of the force with a Force Meter such as a spring balance. There are measured in units Called Newtons:

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