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Causes of the first World War: -The Austro hungariam Empire and the Russian Empire competed for Control of the Balkans. -France wanted to recover the region of Alsace Lorraine, which it had lost to the German Empire. On 28 of June, 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand, was assesinated and sent them an ultimatum and declared war on Serbia. Phases of the WW:-Initial German Offensives: Germany put the Schlieffen Plan into effect, this Consisted of launching a rapid offensive on the western front invading Belgium. -Trench Warfare: In this war focused on defending their positions, they built Trenches from where they could defend themselves using new weapons and they Used battleships and submarines in the Battle of Jutland. -Incorporation And withdrawal of allies: The united states decided to join the war on The side of the allies becuase german submarines had sunk neutral merchat Ships, in the same year russia caused to withdraw form the war after signing The Peace of Brest Litovsk. -The end of the war and the Armistice: Exhaustion And an ever invreasing lack of resources drove the Central Powers to seek peace, Kaiser abdicated and in 1918 the armistice was signed

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