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Who wants to disconnect from reality for a while? We are trying to push a couple reading sessions through the week for new members on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We'll meet at the local library at 6 p.M.
Social events.
We are excited to announce that the club is hosting a fair for all members soon in the city park. It is a tradition of the club in which the people who attend can exchange literary interests and take a walk while buying books and other objects related to this world. Remember to bring your membership cards
Visit for Collen Hoover
All members are invited to a special event next Friday with romance writer Collen Hoover, who is coming to talk to us about her early writing. Collen will attend to all of us and help us start writing. Join us in room 367 at 5.30pm.

new website
We are pleased to say that we are launching a new website to inform members of the latest club news.
We think this is the fastest way to get to know and inform people, so don't forget to sign up for daily updates.

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