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Catholics                                                                                 Lutherans and Calvinists 

Doc: Salvation is achieved throgh                                           Doc: Salvation is achieved througn faith

faith and good deeds.                                                      (Lutherans) and predestiation (Calvinists)

Doc: Seven sacraments: baptism, confirmation,              Doc:Tow scaraments: baptism and communion

communion, penance, anointing of the                          Doc:No worsship of de Virgin Mary or de saints

sick, matrimony and holy orders.

Doc: Worhip of de Virgin Mary and the saints.

Wo: Mass is the main act of worship. The                       Wo: Ceremonies arte simple and held in The

ceremonies arte held in Latin.                                         Vernacular landguage.

Wo: The Bible is read by de priest.                                  Wo:The faithful read the bible and sing.

Wo:Churches arete dominated by an altar.                     Wo: Austere churches without images

Images are worshipped.                                                  Wo: Pastors can marry.

Wor:Priests must be celibate.                                          Abolition of religuious orders.

Numerous religious orders.

Chu: Obedience to the Pope in Rome, the                      Chu: No obedience to the Pope.

supreme gead of de Church.                                           Chu: No ecclesiastic hierarchy.

Chu: Ecclesiastical hierarchy (bishops 

and cardinals)

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