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A definition must have the following requirements: 1. Be as concise as possible, that is, do not include properties that can be deduced from others already included in the definition 2. Do not contain contradictions 3. Do not contain only negative statement 4. Do not contain ambiguities Altura: Segment perpendicular to one side that joins a point on that side (or its prologation) with the opposite vertex, 3 alturas, ortocentro. Apotema: Segment that joins the midpoint of one side of the polygon with the center of this. Toulmin: fact ()- modal cualifier(always)-conclusion()-warrant()-backing(). Interior angle: The polygon of n sides can be decomposed into n-2 triangles. Therefore, the sum of the interior angles of the polygon would be 180 * (n-2). Like all angles of the polygon regular are equal, divide by n: The interior angle measures 80x(n-2)/n =180 - 360/n

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