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     We discuss the issue of globalization. Today day live in a totally globalized world, which means that, this meant that all countries of the world are communicated between either through the economy, culture or government. But we can find arguments for of and against globalization.
On the one hand, for of globalization we have some arguments. Thanks to this, countries can grow economically through the international market. In addition they can also help each other on issues such as health and technology.

   On the other hand, we have other arguments against. Countries with more capital and technological advances are governing international level, and this leads to conflicts between powers. 

  In my opinion, I believe that living this way is better than being every independent country from the rest. 

"I knew I should not have taken that last drink"

I said that when I left the bar that night.

   It all started one summer day at the beach, where we decided to go out for dinner that night. This time we would go by taxi as we were going to drink and could not then drive back home.

    We arrived at the site ate something and at the end we went to a pub, one of my friends decided to play a game in which lost should drink a shot of vodka. That night i was not successful in the game, and I got to drink more than anyone else, and that caused me to be very bad. My friends had to take me to hospital where I had to spend the night.

It was one of my worst nights, and it should not have taken more drinks.

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