World War Two: Main Ideas, Big Idea, and Timeline

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World War Two: Main Ideas and Big Idea

Main Ideas:

  • Economic and political problems troubled Europe in the years after World War One.
  • World War Two broke out when Germany invaded Poland.
  • Nazi Germany targeted the Jews during the Holocaust.
  • Allied victories in Europe and Japan brought the end of World War Two.

The Big Idea:

Problems in Europe led to World War Two, the deadliest war in history.

Great Depression

It was a global crisis in the 1930s.

Meaning of Dictator

It is a ruler who has total control.

Most Famous Dictators

  • Russia: Vladimir Lenin
  • Germany: Adolf Hitler
  • Italy: Benito Mussolini

Threats to Peace

After World War One, European countries wanted peace. Many countries helped to prevent another deadly war, but by the late 1930s, attempts at peace had failed. Instead of peace, Italian and German aggression forced Europe into a second world war.

Names of the Alliances that Participated in World War Two

  • Axis Powers: Germany, Italy, and Japan.
  • Allied Powers: Britain, France, Soviet Union, and United States.

The Holocaust

It was the attempt by the Nazi government during World War Two to eliminate Europe's Jews.

Timeline about World War Two

  • September 1-3, 1939: German troops invaded Poland; Britain and France declared war.
  • June 22nd, 1940: France falls to German forces.
  • July-September, 1940: Germany bombs London during the Battle of Britain.

End of the War: Allies are Victorious

In early 1943, US and British forces gained control of North Africa and Italy, forcing Mussolini to surrender. Soviet troops pushed Germany to retreat.

End of the War: Results of the War

The war had a huge impact on the world. It resulted in millions of deaths, tensions between the allies, and the creation of the United Nations.

World War Two was the deadliest conflict in history. More than 50 million people lost their lives.

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