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KILL BILL is the story of a woman called beatrix that
after 4 years in coma after being brutally beaten during
their wedding, he manages to wake up in a hospital, wanting
revenge. Vernita Green, Elle Driver, Oren Ishii and her former
husband Bill will be the fatal victims of women. A story of
betrayal, love, hate and revenge.

For me, this movie was totally awesome, it had very nice
effects and also have a message to all the humans: Start to
protects your planet.I liked because that theory, the one
that proove that the world can end in the 2012, can be a fact
nowaday because, literally, we are destructing our home (the Earth).

My favourite place to go is the cinema. I actually like going
every Saturday and spend a few hours there to watch a movie,
then maybe to go bowling. I prefer terror movies. I make sure
to get some candies, a nice cold drink and some popcorn right
before the movie starts.I prefer to sit at the end seats, so
my neck won't hurt while I'm watching it. I often go with
friends to have some fun there, although my friends don't like
terror movies; they like dramatic or comedy ones, which I hate.
So we just see any other movie or just go to a burger and have
something to eat there. But we still have fun, and we have such
an amazing time.

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