Wind and Solar Power: The Future of Energy?

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The Energy of Tomorrow

Wind Power: A Solution?

It is generally accepted that we will not be able to use oil and gas to power our homes forever. These energy forms contribute to pollution, and as a result, alternative, clean energy sources will be relied on more in the future. One of the most common alternative sources is wind power, but does this solve our energy problems?

It is well known that wind energy is a clean energy source. Not only is it sustainable, but it is also cheap. Furthermore, wind turbines perform reliably and are adaptable; they are perfect for both the city and the countryside. In countries such as Spain, more than 20% of the electricity used is already generated by wind turbines.

Disadvantages of Wind Power

However, there are some disadvantages. Wind turbines are said to be ugly, and they can be noisy. Neither their appearance nor the noise is appreciated by the people who live nearby. El Andévalo, a wind farm in Andalusia, Spain, has 151 78-meter-tall turbines, which have completely changed the landscape.

Conclusion on Wind Power

In conclusion, there are many advantages and disadvantages of wind power, but in my opinion, we should build more wind farms to help save ourselves, our planet, and our future.

The Sun: The Energy Source of the Future?

It is well-known that the sun could be the perfect source of energy. Not only does it generate 10,000 times more energy than we need, but it will also be available for another six billion years!

Solar-energy systems are now installed in many new buildings. They provide electricity for both running electronic devices and heating water. As a result, this alternative source of energy allows owners to save money.

Disadvantages of Solar Power

However, it is generally accepted that there are a few disadvantages. Solar energy is neither completely clean nor easy to store. The chemical process used to make solar panels and batteries produces pollution. Furthermore, these batteries don't absorb and store energy for very long.

Conclusion on Solar Power

To sum up, although solar power is not perfect, either we improve it or we continue to burn the planet's limited resources until they disappear. In my opinion, there is only one option.

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