Whistleblower Protection, Glass Ceiling, Leadership Pipeline, Selection Tests, Background Investigations, Negligent Hiring, 360 Degree Survey

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What is whistleblower protection?

All employees are encouraged to speak up, seek guidance, and raise issues related to business ethics or compliance, without fear of retaliation.

What is described by the term glass ceiling?

Glass ceiling is an intangible barrier that prevents women and minorities from being promoted to top jobs in management.

What is the rationale for building a leadership pipeline?

Succession planning is a process to ensure that qualified people are in place to take over key management positions once they become vacant. The goal is to help ensure a smooth transition and operational efficiency by creating a leadership pipeline.

Identify three types of selection tests.

  • Reliable and accurate means of selecting qualified candidates
  • Cost is small in comparison to interviews
  • Identify attitudes and job-related skills that interviews cannot verify reliably

Are companies obliged to conduct background investigations on candidates?

Intensity of background investigations depends on the nature of jobs. Background investigation is omitted with negligent hiring and the risk of damage to third parties requires a higher level of care.

What is inferred by the term negligent hiring?

Negligent hiring is a claim that can be made against an employer when an employee causes harm to others and the employer should have known of the individual's potential to cause harm but did not take steps to mitigate the risk.

What is a 360 degrees survey for?

The 360 Degree Assessment is the set of feedback on professional and personal competencies that an employee receives from his co-workers, which serves as support to identify his main strengths and areas of opportunity.

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