Wartime Conferences and the Creation of the United Nations

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Prior to the end of World War II in 1945, the Allied powers held a series of conferences to address the post-war situation of Germany and Eastern Europe.

Tehran Conference (November 1943)

The Tehran Conference agreed that the USSR would annex the Baltic States and eastern Poland.

Yalta Conference (February 1945)

The Yalta Conference, attended by Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin, agreed to rebuild Europe with democratic governments. They also redrew the boundaries of Poland, Germany, and Berlin, dividing the city into four military zones.

Potsdam Conference (July-August 1945)

The Potsdam Conference agreed to revert all German annexations in Europe, demilitarize and divide Germany, pay war reparations, and punish Nazi war criminals.

Peace Treaties (1946)

After the war, numerous peace treaties were signed, redrawing Europe's borders. The USSR expanded its territory, Germany and Berlin were divided into occupation zones, and Eastern Europe was occupied by Russian soldiers.

Creation of the United Nations

The Allies also established the United Nations (UN) to replace the League of Nations. Founded in 1945, the UN aimed to maintain world peace and security through peaceful conflict resolution, international cooperation, and respect for human rights.

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