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COMPUTERISED ENGLISH: A)1.Most people are aware of the effec that computers have had on the English language. TRUE: Lines 2-3. 2.The Word Internet once had a different meaning before computers. FALSE: Lines 5-6. 3.On-line conversations have got an informal writing style. TRUE: Lines 8-9-10. C)In the past, the Word conversation referred to situations where people spoke face-toface or on the phone. D)Large-vast. Extra-additional. In person-face to face. Oppose-object.

OPINION ABOUT THE EFFECT THE COMPUTER HAS HAD  ON YOUR LIFE: Several years ago, the computer is causing many problems because people use it a lot and this causes several problems. In my opinion, I agree with that. //First, the computer is causing serious problems for people by misuse we give it. People take the computer but not having to do anything important. Second, I think if we were to use the computer with good purposes, we would have great knowledge that we did not know. In addition, the computer misuse can cause you serious headaches for a long time use.//In conclusion, I think with the computer we could do many good things but we have to know how to use well.

DESCRIBE YOUR FAVOURITE BAND: There are many bands that I really like, but Rolling Stone is my favorite band. I've become a big fan of this band due to their lyrics and music quality.//This band is a band famous music for his rock music genre. I first heard his music when he was 12 and then I heard almost all his songs on countless occasions. Moreover, although the components are older, they have a young spirit and convey a lot of youth in their concerts.//I recommend to all people, to listen to their songs and try to go any concert of them.

LIE DETECTORS: A)People sometimes lie to the police because they want to pass the polygraph test. B)1.The body’s reaction to lying results in answers the questions about the crime. 2.Taking the polygraph test in often a threat to people who tell the truth beacuase they don’t want to be called to give evidence in court. C)1.The police can’t order suspects to take lie detector tests. TRUE:Line 11. 2.The lie detector never makes mistakes. FALSE: Line 15. D)Easy:simple. Not connected: unrelated, Hide: cover up, Refuse: decline.

E-MAIL DESCRIBE A SCENE OR EVENT IN A FILM THAT YOU ENJOYED WATCHING: I'm writing because I want to recommend the movie Eight Last Catalanes. For that go to see the movies.//First of all, I recommend this movie because I've seen and I found it very funny. I think you liked it because you will have great and you will laugh a lot. On the one hand, when starting the movie will seem a little boring.//However, before going to see Eight Apechidos Catalanes first see the Last Eight Vascos so you can find out.//Please let me know if you went to see.


A)1.Aspen attracts people because it’s a wealthy town. FALSE: Lines 1-2 2.Many of Aspen’s Winter visitors don’t respect the environment. TRUE: Lines 4-5. 3.All Aspen homeowners must pay an energy tax. FALSE: Lines 12. 4.The energy tax has benefited Aspen’s poorer residents. TRUE: Lines 21-22 B)Height: peak. Socialising:. Extravagant:attraction. Provide: collect C)The purpose of the first paragraph is to b.Promete Aspen as a ski resortc.Show that Aspen attracts rich people 2.Randy Udall probably represents people who c.Live in Aspen all year round

MY IDEAL HOME:Last summer, my brother and I were talking about how I would like to be my house more.//First, I told him I wanted a big house with garden. After I told him that I would like to have five room and each room a bathroom. I would also like to have a very large to meet my friends room. Finally also I told him that I would like to have but as soon as I can buy one.//Unfortunately, I see that this will be very difficult but anything is possible, so we have to try.

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