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nspired his first well-known Book, Fever Pitch (1992). Next came High Fidelity (1995), Closely followed by About a Boy (1998). All of these books Have been adapted for the cinema. He has also written Two other novels along with several works of non-fiction. Hornby now lives in London and much of his writing is Set there. He is married and has a son, who was diagnosed With autism when he was 2 years old. With his wife, he set Up Treehouse, a special school to help such children. Summary Will is thirty-six but behaves like a teenager. He’s single, Rich and cool. He has no responsibilities – no job, no Family, no worries. Marcus is twelve and very different From the average teenager. He has just moved to London With his divorced mum, Fiona, and is having problems Adapting to his new life and his new school. Fiona is Depressed and heading for a breakdown. Will and Marcus Meet by chance the day that Fiona tries to kill herself. She recovers, but Marcus is worried that she will try Again, leaving him on his own. He turns to Will for help. Although Will runs away from this responsibility at first, He realises that he can help Marcus, not with his suicidal Mother, but by teaching him how to be a ‘normal’ kid Who wears the right trainers and listens to the right music. Will and Marcus change each other’s lives forever. Marcus Teaches Will to grow up and accept responsibility, whereas Will teaches Marcus to live in today’s world. Chapters 1–2: Will spends his days doing very little, a Bit of shopping, reading and watching Countdown on TV. He likes to have lots of girlfriends and decides to go to a Single parents’ group (SPAT), where he can get to know Lots of women who find it hard to meet men. There, he Talks to Suzie, telling her that he lives with his son, Ned. Meanwhile, Marcus is worrying about his new school in London because the other kids laugh at him and bully Him. One day, he comes home to find his mother in a Terrible state. She tells him she needs a rest and that he Has to go with Suzie and the SPAT group to a picnic the Following Saturday. Chapters 3–4: Will goes to the SPAT picnic with Suzie And meets Marcus. While Will is avoiding answering Questions about his imaginary son, Marcus thinks he has Killed a duck by throwing bread at it. When they get back To Marcus’s house, they find out that Fiona has tried to Kill herself. They take her to the hospital and she recovers, But Marcus is afraid she will do it again. He decides that Two people in a family isn’t enough and plans to get Will And Fiona together. Unfortunately for Marcus, Fiona isn’t Will’s type of woman and he returns to his old life until One day, Marcus appears on his doorstep. On seeing Will’s Flat, Marcus realises there is no son and threatens to tell his Mum if Will doesn’t go out with her. Chapters 5–6: Marcus starts visiting Will often after School. One day, when Will opens the door, there are two Boys throwing sweets at Marcus. Will gets very angry with The boys and advises Marcus to change his look. He buys Him some new trainers, but they are stolen the next day at School. Fiona finds out about the visits and the imaginary Son and forbids Marcus to see Will again. At school, Marcus goes to see the head teacher about his trainers and He meets Ellie, one of the school’s rebels and a big Kurt Cobain fan. Ellie thinks Marcus is funny and they become Friends. Chapters 7–8: Marcus invites Will to his house for Christmas. Will hates Christmas but he goes reluctantly. At first, he has a good time but then Suzie arrives and she Gets angry because Will had lied to her about having a son. On New Year’s Eve, Will meets a woman called Rachel And falls in love. To sound more interesting to her, he Pretends that Marcus is his son. Rachel also has a twelve year old son called Ali and she in

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