Vocabulary and Expressions in Real English

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TEMA 6: Vocabulary

TEMA 6: policy(politica), hosted(anfitrion), wise(sensato), right(derecho), event, determined(decidido), lead(dirigir), share, pride(orgullo), strength(fuerza), success, made it(conseguir), minority, leader(lider), resembled( parecerse a), arrested, released(estrenar), advantage, accurate(preciso), necessary, possible, like, perfect, happy, dependent, special effects, stars(protagonizar), cast(reparto), viewers(espectador), set in(ambientado en), bos-office hit(exito de taquilla), subtitles, critic, based on, shoot(rodar), give a performance(actuar), plot(argumento), have a role, leading characters, realistic, breathtaking(impresionante), clever(ingenioso), entertaining, disappointing, a waste of time(perder el tiempo), dull(aburrido), gory(sangriento), let-down(decepcion), hilarious, worth seeing(merecer la pena), ridiculous, original.

TEMA 7: Social Issues

TEMA7: notice(darse cuenta de), homeless, scruffy(desaliñado), marriage, drop out(retirarse), rent, queue(fila), charge, move, hide(esconderse), make sure, end up(terminar), spot(observar), alone, bother(molestar), hope, use, care, harm, help, thought, beauty, worth(valor), peace, success, job, unemployment, poverty(pobreza), gangs, ignorance, violence, wages(sueldo), drugs, hunger, elderly(anciano), prejudice, crime, inequality, education, slums(suburbio), shelter(refugio), volunteer, overcome(superar), protest, donate, take action, support a cause, go on strike(huelga), demostrations(manifestacion), charity(organizacion benefica), raise money(recaudar dinero), sign a petition.

Princess and Crime Stereotypes

PRINCESS: *STEREOTYPES: goth, emo, cheerleader(animadora), slacker(chungo), jock(pasota), nerd(empollon), mean girl
*CRIME: inspector, break the law, investigation, case, evidence, fingerprints(huellas dedos), footprints, follow, identify, inquest(interrogatorio), strangle, fraud, arrest, court(pista), lawyer, prove(demostrar), veredict
*ADVERTISING: cookies, ad, salience(grado visibilidad), persuasion, likeability(atractivo), symbolism, emotion, go viral, slogan, jingle, commercial, limited edition
*MONEY: tip(dar propina), budget(presupuesto), mortgage(hipoteca), utilities(facturas), customs, brand, living expenses(gastos necesarios), tax(impuesto), tuition(matricula), go into debt(endeudarse), pay back, scholarship/grant(beca), cash, credit card, debit card, ATM, allowance, part-time job, commute(desplazarse a trabajar)
*REAL ENGLISH SOUND AND EXPRESSIONS: chop-chop!, ummm, huh?, yummy!, duh!, uh-huh , all right! Uh-oh!, Yuck/ick/eeeewww, oops!, mhm, ouch!
*SLANG: i'm up/down(tener ganas), sick(increible), sketchy(sospechoso), on fleek(lo mejor), YOLO(vivir la vida), not my cup of tea, to cram(atracon), to be dumped(romper relacion), stoked(impresionado), rip off(estafa), keener(perfeccionista), what's up?, to chill out(calmate), to hang out(salir fuera), freakin'(demasiado), gong show(desastre), troll, hipster
*PANAMA PAPERS: leak(ed)(filtrar), offshore(fuera del pais), taz heaven(paraiso fiscal), money laundring(banqueo dinero)


VOCABULARIO PREFIJOS: Disadvantage, inaccurate, unnecessary, impossible, dislike, imperfect, unhappy, independet, ineffective, unrealistic, distrust, unpredictable, unlucky, impractical, inexpensive

Adjectives with Prefixes
-Worthless(sin valor)
-Cheerful(alegre)- cheerless(triste)
-Thoughtless(atento)- thoughtful(irreflexivo)
-Fearless(intrepido)- fearful(terrible)

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