Vocabulary and Compound Nouns for Language Learning

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spaceships- nauespacial, electricity, submarines, telescopes, communication

satel·lites, aeroplanes-avió, time travel, microwave, android-robot,

solar-powered car, black hole, MP3 player, relativity, smartphone,

The Big Bang

astronomy, biology, botany, chemistry, geology, philosophy, politics,

matemathics, medicine, meteorology, physics, zoology, psycology,

economics, econmies-economista, inventor, philosopher-filosof,

politic, psychologist-psicoleg, researcher

Compound Nouns

classroom, website, computerprogram, timemachine, spaceexploration,

pen drive, classmat, spacestation, weblog

---> endocentric: sub type ---> armchair

---> exocentric = deadheads (fans d'un grup de música)

---> coordinative: same weight ---> bitter-sweet

foundout-descobrir, lookedinto-mirar, broughtabout-provocar,

putforward-presentar, makeup-fer realitat


---> 0 conditional: always true clause IF + main clause

---> first conditional: probable cases, IF, WHEN, UNLESS (if not)

present simple + will/imperative/modal (if it's sunny, we can go swimming)

---> 2nd conditional: hypothetical, unlikely happen

past simple + would/could/might (if i were a rich woman, i would

travel around the world) (if you commited a crime, i would be shocked)

---> third conditional: past action on inaction

past perfect simple + would have + past participle

(if John had studied harder, he might/would have to got a better mark)

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