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allowance-money given to someone regularly-pensión,subsidio
beech-a kind of tree- haya
blacksmith-a person who makes things from metal -herrero
bear (v) to allow something to continue when it causes pain aguantar
box (n) a "room" in a stables for one horse compartimento de un establo
breed (v) to produce young (horses or children) criar
canter (of a horse) to run, but not fast ir a medio galope
casually carelessly, not seriously despreocupadamente
champagne white sparkling wine champán
charm (n) the ability to please people and make them like you encanto
crush (v) to push something hard until it breaks aplastar
deny to say that something is not true negar
drunk (adj) feeling the effects of too much alcoholic drink borracho
estate (n) a large area of land owned by one family finca, hacienda
evidence facts which show what happened evidencia,prueba
face with in the face of frente a /delante de
fall for to be cheated by (a trick) dejarse engañar
fence something to jump over in a horse race valla
firmly deliberately con firmeza
foal a young horse potro

foothold a place to put your foot safely , punto de apoyo
gallop (of a horse) to run fast galopar
give up to stop trying rendirse, ceder
grab to take something suddenly, roughly or rudely arrebatar
horseshoe an iron shoe, for a horse's foot herradura
humour (sense of humour) the ability to be amused, or be amusing humor
imposter someone who pretends to be another person impostor
increase to make bigger aumentar,incrementar
lame unable to walk normally, because of an injury to the leg cojear
leak out to come out slowly salirse(gas, líquido)
loosen to undo something so that it is not so tight aflojar
master the boss; an amployer amo
mention to say mencionar
mind (n) the part of us that thinks, understands,remembers, etc.mente
misery great unhappiness tristeza, pena
nursery a bedroom for small children habitación del bebé
orphanage a home for young children who have no parents orfanato
partner someone who shares socio
pony a small horse poney
priest an official of the church sacerdote, cura
property something that belongs to someone propiedad
protect to keep somebody or something safe fromharm or injury proteger
quarry a place from which stone is taken, for building cantera
recover to get well again recuperarse
relax to become less anxious or worried or tense relajarse
relief freedom from fear or worry alivio
respectable of good quality respetable
retribution punishment sent by God castigo
saddle a leather seat for a rider on a horse silla de montar
self-centered interested only in oneself egocéntrico
set on determined about estar decidido a
settle down to decide to live in one place establecerse
silence being silent silencio
spoilt (adj) looked after with too much kindness consentido,

stab to push something sharp (e.g. a knife) into something or somebody apuñalar
stables buildings for horses establo
stand up to to be against; to resist hacer frente a alguien
stud a farm for breeding horses cuadra
swear to say or promise something very seriously prometer
tight fixed strongly apretado /hermético
twins two children born of the same mother at the same time gemelos
upset unhappy, worried, disappointed triste
waste (n) doing something with no useful purpose desperdicio
waste (v) to use to no purpose desperdiciar,malgastar


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