Verbos en futuro y futuro perfecto

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Ana can't go to the party. She will be working all day tomorrow

In the next century, we won't live on this planet

He can't come to my house because he is going to visit his gran

By December, we will have finished all our exams

We are meeting in one hour

By then, I will have arrived in London

I told the police that I hadn't seen the man in the photo before

By 2050, everyone will have accessed the internet one way or the other

By the next English exam, I will have studied more

By the end of the year, we will have finished all the exams

Look at the sky. I think it is going to rain soon

Anna got married before she had finished her degree

Mum was cooking dinner while I was studying for the exams

I didn't speak to Alan last night

Experts believe the hurricane is going to hit tomorrow

The play starts at 9 o'clock

What are you doing the next weekend?

I think I will order pizza for dinner

John is going on holidays on Monday at this time next year

Is that heavy? I will carry it for you

I have lived in Madrid since 2004

Do you think the party will be fun?

I am not going to university next year

I finished my project yesterday

Only government officers are allowed in this room

It's freezing cold in here, could you turn on the air conditioner?

The scissors are useless. They don't cut anything






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