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Explain the process of transcription in prokaryotes, including the role of the promoter region, RNA polymerase, nucleoside triphosphates and the terminator

A gene is a sequence of DNA which is transcribed into RNA and contain three main parts:

Promoter:  Responsible for the initiation of transcription

Coding Sequence:  The sequence of DNA that is actually transcribed

Terminator:  Sequence that serves to terminate transcription

State that eukaryotic RNA needs the removal of introns to form mature mRNA

Each exon is used to make a certain amino acid and the introns, must be removed so that they can code for the amino acids to form a protein.

Explain that each tRNA molecule is recognized by a tRNA-activating enzyme that binds a specific amino acid to the tRNA, using ATP for energy

Each tRNA activating enzyme recognises a specific tRNA molecule

The tRNA molecule is made up of double stranded sections and loops

At the 3' end  of the tRNA there is the nucleotide sequence CCA to which the amino acid attaches to

The different chemical properties and three dimensional structure of each tRNA allows the tRNA-activating enzymes to recognise their specific tRNA

Each tRNA enzyme binds a specific amino acid to the tRNA molecule

The tRNA-activating enzyme will bind the amino acid to the tRNA with the matching anticodon

Energy from ATP is needed during this process

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