Understanding Voltage, Electric Resistance, and Electric Current

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Voltage: Energy per Electron Provided by the Battery

Energy spent by each electron in a receiver.

Electric Resistance: Opposition of a Material to the Flow of the Electric Current

Electric Current: Number of Electrons that Flow Through the Conductor in 1 Second


  • Voltage: V (volts)
  • Electric Current: A (amps)
  • Resistance: Ω (ohms)
  • Power: W (watts)
  • Energy: I or KWH (joules)

Alternating Current

  • Generated in power plants
  • V and I change with time (50 times in 1 second)
  • Electrons change their direction of movement
  • Consumed by lamps

Direct Current

  • Produced by batteries and solar cells
  • I and V are constant
  • Electrons move always in the same direction
  • Consumed by TV, control, alarm clock, calculator, mobile phone, laptop, computer


Effects of Electric Current

  • Heat
  • Light: incandescent bulbs, fluorescent tubes, light-emitting diodes (LED)
  • Electromagnetic Effects
  • Sound

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