Understanding States of Matter and Separation Techniques

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States of Matter

DIBUJO: 1 Liquid 2 Boiling point 3 Evaporating 4 Sublimation 5 Condensation 6 Melting 7 Solidification 8 Reverse sublimation


: It's not necessary to vaporize at 100°C


: It's when a substance transforms to the gas state at a temperature of 100°C or higher


: 1-First, it's a solid substance 2 then the temperature increases 3 the solid substance melts and starts being a liquid substance 4 the temperature increases 5 the liquid substance vaporizes and starts being a gaseous substance 6 the temperature increases

Verify Pure Substance

: We know that a substance is pure because it has specific properties.


: Sedimentation - the sand stays at the bottom of the container and the water can be separated from it. The sand is at the bottom


: Decantation - we use an object to separate both substances. The two substances are in the same container, so when the first substance has finished separating, you stop the process




: They are gaseous substances, but there are dispersed solid and liquid particles


: They are solid substances that have dispersed small liquid particles


: They are liquid substances that have dispersed solid particles

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